Ethryll Newsletter


Hello Ethryllites! It’s time for you update of Ethryll news, and we have a very exciting month ahead in March 2016.

Upcoming Gigs – See Us Live

17th March 2016 – Acoustic Thursdays @ The Pavillion, Doncaster College, High Melton Campus

From 7.00pm. We are preparing a fantastic St Patrick’s Day themed set which focuses on our Irish folk music inspired works. Be prepared to get jiggy!

New Developments

Ethryll are currently working hard on some exciting new material based around the amazing story of the Jeanie Johnston. We hope to be premièring some of these at our March gigs. We also have a new song 2020 Vision, which takes a look into a future which is fantastical and dystopic by turns.

New Gear

We have been making a bit of an investment in our on-stage sound. Our March gigs will see the first outings of several new instruments including two beautiful acoustics and some new percussion that will really add more depth and interest.

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