jakeJake – Guitars, Backing Vocals.

Jake has two current musical endeavours as guitarist/backing vocalist in Ethryll, and producer, songwriter, guitarist and lead singer in his personal dreampop duet Vitae Flora.

A young music tech nerd with a more textural approach to his guitar. He started off his gigging career in a teenage trio from Thorne called Down To Earth; spicing up 80s/70s pop with a more rock n roll approach. He then moved on to more technically challenging work both musically and vocally in his progressive folk metal university band Crescent Falls as lead singer and lead guitarist. Since then he has had the pleasure of working in the live sound industry and currently engineers function band Face the Music up and down the UK.

Interesting facts about Jake:

– Helped in a songwriting session in the private residence of the brit pop band “James”.
– Has his own Terence McKenna themed clothing range available online.
– Favourite beer is “Duchesse De Bourgogone”.
– Has a love of all things pink and believes colours should not be gender specific.
– Avid lover of the art of traditional Japanese Flower arranging known as Ikebana.
– Has a big didgeridoo…collection.