70th Birthday Gig


On the 29th of January Ethryll wished a very Happy 70th Birthday to a long time family friend. This lovely lady was amongst one of the first Ethryllites and gave us fantastic support in the days when we were first finding our feet.

She threw a fantastic party with a chocolate fountain, a beautiful cake and roast pork sandwiches. She also made the most beautiful floral table centrepieces herself. She likes purple too, so she was perfectly colour co-ordinated with Ethryll! The event took place at the fantastic Burton Street Foundation, which was a beautiful and friendly venue.

Ethryll performed an upbeat 50 minute set for the guests. We were using our new lighting set up for the first time, and it really help set the mood. We were also using another new piece of kit, a dinky but very capable little PA, that is perfect for our line up.

We opened with our cover of As of Now (by Kris’s old band Deadline) and finished with our “Folk ABBA” Mamma Mia. We threw a few more covers in there than usual, so that guests who had not seen us before heard a few things they knew and could sing along to. It was also the first proper performance (as a four piece) of our new song “Wait ’til I Get You Home”. This song really show’s off our two guitarists Jackie and Kris with it’s syncopated rhythm guitar underpinned by some pretty funky bass work. Martin’s fiddle was absolutely sizzilng on the nautical mash up “Tar and Feather”. It was great to see the Birthday Girl up and dancing and singing along.

The blooper moment belonged to me when I tangled my sleeve on my new Djembe and the start of a song which I lead in. We all had a good laugh about it, but I may have to rethink having floppy sleeves on stage wear. Also “Say something whilst I pick up my guitar” has made the band quotes list.
The night was wrapped up with a disco, where Jackie, Martin and I got up and Timewarped, Locomoted and Saturday Nighted with the guests. Kris was being the DJ for the night (as he is far too cool to dance… …ever).

A very very Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for inviting us to help you celebrate your birthday.

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