A return to West Street Live

It’s always bound to be a very strange experience when you are missing an important member of the band, and on this occasion it was Jackie who was struck down with ‘Flu and so she couldn’t play or sing.

Rather than cancel though, we soldiered on and with a hastily thrown together practice before moving on to West Street Live we knocked together a 45 minute set based on what we could play without Jackie.

We arrived at West Street Live, with one eye always on the impending “Snowbomb” (as the Daily Fail seem to insist all frontal systems are). However, the snow never appeared although the crowd was thin on the ground compared to a usual gig – then again it was a wet Wednesday in January – although a couple of Google+ friends came.

Set List

Booby Song

Pot Hole Tambourine

Maybe Tomorrow

Wait ’till I get you home


Tar and Feather

Eel Reel

Slippery Rock

Don’t Snap Your Fingers

Mamma Mia


All in all it was a very successful gig, although we sorely missee Jackie for her vocal layers and guitar playing at times – we did win over the crowd and we certainly picked up some new fans.

2016 - 1~2



A little video of Fastnet taken from the side of the stage.

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